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Rt Madona

Suitable for all levels


Rt Madona is probably the best of what the Slovenian sea has to offer due to its geological structure which provides safe haven for many species such as lobster, conger eels, octopus and fish such as sculpin, wrasse, damselfish, gobies, blennies etc. It is possible to do 2 different dives on the reef – the northern and southern side. It is very convenient as when there is bad weather and wind from the south there is calm on the other side and vice versa. The maximum depth on the southern side does not exceed 12 meters. On the northern side, the reef slopes from 5 meters down to 22 meters

Piran under the church
Suitable for all levels


Ranging from 5 to 16 meters the dive site has a beautiful start directly underneath the church in Piran. From there we follow the gently sloping reef and can enjoy some of  the healthiest soft corals in the area.  The reef extends along the entire point which allows for an enjoyably long dive. 

Calm conditions and sandy shallow areas make this a perfect site for both fun dives and Discover Scuba Dives.

​Fiesa reef
Suitable for all levels


Reef Fiesa is very popular among divers. The reef begins at 4 metres sloping down to 9 metres. Away from the reef  we explore the sandy bottom looking for macro critters.  The depth reaches 16 meters and there are a number of small sunken boats to explore. Keep your eyes open for smaller, cryptic species such as   seahorse, nudibranchs, cuttlefish and flounder. Especially interesting are night dives where the reef comes alive and it is possible to see squid, octopus, lobster and conger eels.

Maona Rossa

Advance divers

Maona Rossa is a type of vessel described as a “trailer”, it is without its own propulsion and is towed by another ship. Used for transportation of different cargo, it was sunk during WW2, most probably hit by an underwater mine. Around the wreck it is possible to see remnants of 3 other mines.

Note: We visit this site upon special request and require a minimum of four divers.



Tech experience required 


Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and at 39 m, the deepest point in the Slovenian sea.  Diving here can be challenging due to current,  visibility and heavy boat traffic and is recommended for divers with tech experience.

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